ESR is proud to invest in some of Australia's most promising and disruptive New Space companies.

Some of our partners

Neumann Space is a space start-up dedicated to making a bigger world by helping humanity to the stars. Our patented solar-electric ion drive is more efficient than anything else on the market. We are uniquely suited to delivering affordable, efficient drives that can greatly prolong the lifespan of satellites, as well as lowering the fuel and mass costs for long missions, such as space exploration and mining. We are dedicated to building the Australian space industry, and fostering a spirit of community and discovery.

Click here to visit the Neumann Space website.


Fleet is an agile, next generation connectivity company. Our mission is to Connect Everything using cutting-edge communications and space technologies to maximise the resource efficiency of human civilisation and enable the next industrial revolution with our free, ubiquitous connectivity platform.

Click here to visit the Fleet website.

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